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For those who have the dream of immigrating to Australia, we should say that we are here to make it come true. The golden beach, the blue sky and the great opportunity to live in one of the best countries around the world is waiting for you. Those who are trying to immigrate should know that Smart Migration is here for you to begin the process.

What are the different types of Visa for Australia?

There are so many various ways for immigrating to Australia. These ways are depending on your condition and of course your personal choices. Although being familiar with visas can help you to have a better option among all. Here we are going to tell you a brief about different Australian visa. Be with Smart Migration to the end of your immigration path.


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Australia Student Visa

Student visa is highly recommended to those who want to continue their education and have a part time job. In order to apply for a student, visa you should enroll to recognize the courses which lasts about 12 weeks.

This kind of visa will cover the period which you are studying plus an extra vacation time which can be various depending on the duration of your study. For example, if your study lasts 6 months, your visa will be 8 months which has 2 extra months for vacation. Although the Smart Migration will give you the opportunity to get your visa with an easier process.

There are so many advantages for this visa which among all we can say the most important one is that this kind of visa is limitless regarding of time. Moreover, there is no need for approval the high level of English and also your partner can accompany you. You have the permission to work part time even if you are not a student.

australia student visa
Work and Holiday Visa

Work and Holiday Visa

This is another type of most popular visa for Australia, which allows the applicant to work and study at the same time while they are resident in this country. The disadvantage is that most countries places are limited and you have to be on the list to have the permission to apply. Also there are minimum requirements which you have to gather for applying. There is an age limit and your country must be among the unlimited ones. The Smart Migration can help you with the process of getting you work visa with different subclasses.

Limited places: Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovak Republic, San Marino, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, United States of America.

Unlimited places: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Cyprus, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden and Canada.

Australia Tourist Visa

This is also another option for those who are seeking to go to Australia on vacation or they want to spend a short time. There are two types of tourist’s visa:

The eVisitor (651) which is free and allows you to be up to a maximum of 3 months and Tourist Visa Visitor (600) which costs between $ 140 AUD and $ 1020 AUD and allows you to be up to one maximum of 12 months in the country.

The advantage of this visa is the price and also the nationality is not important for getting this visa and all the countries can apply for a tourist visa. Smart Migration is here to get you the Holiday Visa for the time of your life in Australia!

australia tourism smart migration
australia Couple Visa

Australia Partner Visa

This is also another type of visa which allows the partners to study and legally stay in this country. It’s a fantastic opportunity for lovebirds, right?

It is said that partner visa is an ideal option for formal couples and those who are applying should know that the conditions are almost the same for both sides. Our consultants in Smart Migration are ready to give you enough information if you want to get a couple visa to join your spouse.

Temporary Graduate Visa

The temporary graduate visa or subclass 485 is actually a work visa which is designed for all those who are international students and wants to complete their 2 years of study with the qualifications related to their major.

There are two advantages for this visa. This will give you the opportunity to start a career in Australia and you can include the members of your family as well. It is specifically easy for spouses, partners or same-sex couples and dependent children. They, in turn, will be able to work without limitation of schedules. With Smart Migration you can easily get you visa.

smart migration australia Temporary Graduate Visa

Join your family with Australian visa!

You can also use the parents visa to join your children in Australia. This visa or subclass 103 is called the parents visa for permanent stay. Australian permanent residence visa will give you the eligible residence in Australia.  You can apply for this visa easily from Australia as well. There is also a problem related to this visa which we can name the long waiting time.

The refugee Visa

There are so many types of refugee visa subclass 200, 201, 203 and 204. With this visa you can move to Australia and if you should claim that you cannot live in your countries anymore.

Smart Migration will help you to get an Australian citizenship

Nowadays most of the people who are immigrating to Australia wants to have their citizenship due to the condition of this country for its citizens. It is also vital to know all about this matter as you are going to apply for citizenship. Here in Smart Migration our counselors will give you enough information about the citizenship of Australia. It’s true that you can become a citizen of Australia in different ways. Conferral and descent are the most common ways to apply but depending on your condition other ways may be acceptable as well. Fill the forms and ask for help from Smart Migration right away!

Your visa is going to expire?

It may happen to you that your residence for 3 years has no problem but that date to your visa expiration is close. It’s right that you should have a valid visa for staying in Australia. It is also illegal to stay in Australia without a valid visa. From Smart Migration point of view, it is vital to know when your visa is going to expire. It’s better to check out the date and your condition regularly.

If you don’t have a valid visa…!

If you are living in Australia without a valid visa you should know that some serious consequences are waiting for you and soon you are going to be deported to your country and maybe even worse.  If you are looking forward to have a legal visa you can fill the online form to talk with our counselors in Smart Migration.

What to do, what not to do?

When you are getting a legal visa, there are so many conditions which you should be aware of. The Visa Entitlement Verification Online or VEVO is a system which gives enough way to the people who wants to immigrate, to the employers and somehow the education providers to get familiar with the conditions of their migration process. Smart Migration will give you enough information about the conditions of immigrating to Australia.

It will give you the information about your visa and of course the expiry date. Although you should know that you must not arrive to Australia after the date which is clarified.  The period of staying is clear and also the conditions and also what you can do and what you cannot do.

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What if your situation changed?

There is also another problem which is the change in your situation. Sometimes it may happen that the condition which you get your visa is changing unwantedly and then you have no choice but to change your visa type. In this case, Smart Migration is ready to help you with the process of changing.

The online forms

When you want to apply for your visa, you should fill some online forms and you will also need to complete the appropriate application forms. There are so many booklets which you can find online to help you with the process but if you are going to choose, it’s better to ask someone who is a specialist. Ask Smart Migration for their online help and you will have the rest of the process as a piece of cake!

Do you want to know about Australian visa points?

If you are going to immigrate to Australia, you should know that the most important part is your points. The new year has so many new rules for the pointing and you should know that Australia has strict rules about this matter. It is true that skilled point test is a vital part of immigration which Smart Migration can help you to fil it and estimate your chance.

in the end…

you may think that immigration is a tough process and somehow you are right, but if you have enough help it will be a piece of cake and with the shortest amount of time you can be in your dream country. Among all the countries around the world, Australia is one of the most favorable one for the immigrants because the condition for people who are moving is better and they can start a whole new life. If you want to immigrate to Australia, check out the Smart Migration and you will find out the answers to your questions. If not, our online counselors are here to help you with the process and you will be in Australia in no time!

With Smart Migration make a whole new path for your life in the dream country. Make sure that Australia with its new opportunities can be your second country and you will have enough space to become successful and have a better life. Contact as and put your first steps on this road…!

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